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Why Demi5®

Advantages of DEMI5®

  • Eliminates the limestone, suspensions up to 5 micron, and chlorine
  • Eliminates the limestone spots during the washes
  • Time saving during surfaces drying
  • Prevents the limestone deposit in the machineries and piping using fresh water
  • Protects from corrosion: boilers, pumps, washing machines, fresh water toilets, faucets
  • Avoids the maintenance of the hydraulic plants caused by the limestone
  • Money saving for the maintenance of the fresh water equipment
  • Environment friendly, because it does not pollute
  • Works without electricity
  • Portable, light and ergonomic
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Manufactured with anti corrosion materials
  • User’s guide on the unit

Advantages of the CB – Carbon block cartridge

  • Eliminates the suspended solids, 5 micron filtration
  • Eliminates the chlorine, bad taste and odors
  • Eliminates the pollutants in the water, (cloruri, pesticidi, insetticidi, VOC)

Advantages of the HSB – Rinse Salt Cartridge

  • Easy to fill and economic


Plug & Play

DEMI5® is fast and esay to use thanks to the universal Claber fittings. With 2 simple “clack” the system is ready to use.

Save Money

DEMI5®, makes save you money for the maintenance of the fresh water systems, avoiding limestone deposits.


DEMI5® does not pollute because the process of softening uses only water and Na+Ions and for the regeneration only brine (water and salt). The cartridges used for the rinse process can be easily filled up without being wasted.

Perfect Clean without limestone spot

DEMI5® does not pollute because the process of softening uses only water and Na+Ions and for the regeneration only brine (water and salt). The cartridges used for the rinse process can be easily filled up without being wasted.

Save Time

DEMI5® avoids the limestone spots on the surfaces, decreasing the washing and drying time schedule.

No Maintence

DEMI5® does not need technical maintenance but the cartridge fill up at the end of every rinse cycle.

No Installation

DEMI5® is easy to use because it is a portable system and does not require installation.

No Limestone

DEMI5®, thanks to the ion exchange resins action, eliminates the limestonem wich causes incrustations and rust in the pipes and in all the systems, using fresh water.

No Electricity

DEMI5® does not need power supply to run but only the pressure of the municipality.

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Tech Specs

Dimensions and Weight

  • Overall dimensions:: 452 x 472 x 276 mm
  • Weight: 15kg

Working Conditions

  • Maximum pressure: 6 BAR
  • Minimum pressure: 2 BAR
  • Maximum temperature: 50°C
  • Maximum tolerance to Fe: 0,1 ppm

System Components

  • Check valve: Noryl
  • Selection valve: PVC
  • Flexible hoses: PVC
  • Resin tank: Polyethylene reinforced tank
  • Brine cycle: HSB fast rinse cartridge (NaCl)
  • Softening: Strong ion exchange resins (Na Cycle)
  • Filtration and dechloration: Carbon block 5 micron
  • Cartridges housing: Reinforced Polypropylene, PET
  • Assembly materials: Non-toxic


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About us

Since 1995 HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL produces, a wide range of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems from 35 to 3000lt/h with DC or AC motors, in all the world wide voltage standards, distributed by a sale and service network worlwide.

HP is ISO 9001 certified and 3D designs, by using AUTODESK INVENTOR tools, all the watermakers of its production, manufacturing the 80% of the machines components, in the factory of Milan. HP introduced efficient automation systems, wich render the desalination system use very easy to use thanks to the HP VAL – HP patent 1997, automatic flushing system, HP RP TRONIC – HP patent 2002, automatic pressure regulation , HP AMCS. Automatic mambranes conservation system, HP TERS – HP patent 2002, the thermal energy recovery system on the electrical motors.

DEMI5® was designed in 2008. The system is patented and the DEMI5® is a registered trade mark. In 2009 HP releases the second version of DEMI5®, with new functions, new components and new colors. Visit our website www.hpwatermaker.it

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